Case Studies

Case Studies

Evidence of our success is easy to come by.



Medical Information Case Study

  1. SITUATION: As one pharmaceutical client grew in size and service, it needed to expand its contact center into a 24/7 environment, and didn’t know where to begin. Luckily, we knew exactly what to do.


  3. SOLUTION: Working in concert with our client, we built a customized and dynamic contact center model to meet their capacity needs and budget. Our innovative contact center infrastructure allowed for a cost-saving method of using dedicated staff during business hours and shared staff after-hours when call volume was lower. We also implemented a custom process for escalating calls that required a subject-matter expert in the after-hours.

Clinical Trial Data Analysis Case Study

  1. SITUATION: A large pharmaceutical client requested help from RMPDS in evaluating clinical trial data to determine why a drug was linked to a high number of adverse events.


  3. SOLUTION: RMPDS’s adverse event specialists conducted an exhaustive literature review on the drug, drug class and clinical trial conditions. We examined the methodology of the clinical trials and examined all possible outcomes. We eventually concluded that a trial design component potentiated the likelihood of specific adverse events and recommended revising future study designs, thus saving the client headaches and speeding the clinical trial process.

Public Health Case Study

  1. SITUATION: Students and staff at a middle school were at-risk for exposure to potentially hazardous substances with no known causes.

  2. SOLUTION: RMPDS conducted a large clinical evaluation of the school, including 220 students and faculty to determine the cause and effect. This led to community awareness of the adverse events, provided corroboration during subsequent litigation and alleviated public and parental concern for children in the community. 


Sample Research Publication


We're publishing new research all the time, here's a sample of our work "Safety Surveillane and Root Cause Analysis of Adverse Events Associated with the Use of Oral Cough and Cold Ingredients in Children Less than 12 Years of Age. "



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