Marijuana Health & Safety Line

Connecting you to trained medical and toxicology professionals

In partnership with the City & County of Denver, Denver Health’s Rocky Mountain Poison & Drug Safety offers a free and confidential phone line to answer all your marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) health and safety questions.

Medical providers and toxicology experts can answer marijuana health and safety questions 24/7/365 –

Call 877-741-3777

For immediate life-threatening emergencies, always call 911

For Marijuana Consumers: Our caring staff of registered nurses and pharmacists are here to help, whether it’s explaining marijuana and CBD side effects, answering questions about edibles, or for better understanding Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — we’re ready for your call.

For Marijuana Industry Professionals: Our trained staff can assist industry inspection officers with toxicology questions and consultations — in an ever-changing industry, rely on our medical safety team for questions about pesticides, toxins, contaminants, additives or other ingredients that may be used in or found in the cultivation of marijuana in Colorado.

We are here to help at 877-741-3777


When to Call For Health and Safety Advice

  • Wondering, “can you overdose on weed?”
  • Had any strange reactions to marijuana
  • Have questions about cannabidiol (CBD) products
  • Concerned about using marijuana while taking prescription medication, or using other drugs
  • A health care provider with questions about marijuana
  • Experiencing concerning medical symptoms from marijuana use
  • Concerned about a marijuana product you’ve purchased (packaging, smell, taste, serving size)
  • Questions about occupational safety hazards for marijuana industry workers as well as questions about pesticides, toxins, additives, ingredients and contaminants in marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) products
  • An inspector or industry representative interested in toxicology consultations

When NOT to Call (see below for Other Resources for these)

  • Have questions about marijuana’s regulatory framework or laws
  • Unsure what marijuana product to try or buy
  • Interested in growing marijuana
  • Need a recipe, or “how to” on making marijuana edibles
  • Interested in registering for employment with the Marijuana Enforcement Division, or obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card
  • Looking for a dispensary near you
  • Trying to quit smoking weed

What to Expect When Calling

After dialing 877-741-3777, you’ll be connected with a specialist. In order to best serve you, our staff may ask all or some of the following questions:

  • Your name, zip code, age, gender and past medical history
  • When you last used marijuana, how much was used and when you first felt a side effect
  • If you’ve used any other drugs
  • ​What type / strain of marijuana was used (edible / flower, indica / sativa)
  • What THC potency and / or brand of marijuana was used
  • Source of marijuana (dispensary/caregiver)

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