Mechanism and Safety Tips

Batteries are amazing vessels of stored energy that improve all of our lives, but they must also be respected.  Misuse of a battery can cause harm and even permanent damage.  

The button cell, also known as a coin cell or a button battery, is used in toys, watches, hearing aids and medical devices. Children like to play with button cells, putting them in their mouth and possibly swallowing them. In the United States alone, each year more than 2,800 children are treated in emergency rooms for swallowing button batteries. According to a 2015 report, injuries and deaths from swallowing batteries has increased nine-fold in the last decade.


Safety Tips For Button Batteries: Store batteries safely and handle them carefully! 

Mechanism of Battery-Induced Injury


Health Concerns with Batteries


Watch this video to learn more about the hazards of button batteries and steps towards prevention.