Medical Affairs Support


We partner with you to ensure a professional response.


RMPDS provides strategic support by uncovering customer insights. This provides you with an understanding of the trends and opportunities that lie within your existing data and programs. We can assist you with your communications and content, bringing in our experience in assisting many other companies. We want to help you in presenting a unified vision for your products and programs.

Services include:

  • Medical Writing − our medical writers can develop Standard and Customized Response Letters (SRLs), customized Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), proofread and review documents, or assist with other medical writing projects

  • Medical Scientific Liaison (MSL) Support − our healthcare professionals can support your team through the identification of frequently requested topics, creation of article summaries, customization of response packages, and review of documents for terminology consistency and resources provision

  • Conference Attendance − our professionals or subject matter experts can help staff conference and event booths alongside your team to answer questions about your products
  • REMS Programs Support − our staff can provide support by collecting and distributing information, providing certification and authorization, and verifying compliance

  • Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) Program Support − our staff can provide additional support you may need while navigating the requirements of a CIA, as well as implement supplemental quality assurance checks to ensure that you are fulfilling your agreement

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