Privacy Policy

Privacy Commitment
RMPDS is firmly committed to maintaining the privacy of website visitors. Personal information is collected only when specifically submitted by the visitor, for example, when filling out a Form to request further information. This information is sent only to the concerned parties within RMPDS, and is never shared with any other organizations.

For tracking purposes RMPDS collects statistical information on the number of website visitors, which parts of the website are viewed most frequently, etc. These statistics are collected only in aggregate form (i.e., no individual data is tracked) and are used only to aid us providing a website which meets the needs of our visitors. Again, this information is never shared with any other organizations. 

RMPDS is updating its Privacy Policy to make it easier for its customers to understand what information is collected and for what purpose such information is collected.  To that end RMPDS is taking steps to update Privacy Checkups, access controls, and other aspects of our operations and services to safeguard your data and protect your privacy. RMPDS is making these updates to ensure that our operations are compliant with the new European Union General Data Protection Regulations and taking this opportunity to guarantee that we make improvements that benefit all customers using our services.